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Paintless Dent Removal | West Yorkshire.| Hail repair.

Dentless UK​


​Welcome to Dentless UK, we are specialist's in the art form of Paintless Dent Removal. PDR or Cold metal Repair is the process of removing dents from mainly vehicle body panels by using specialist tools and a reflection source to precisely massage the metal back to its original condition with out damaging the paintwork of the vehicle. PDR on a small dent is usually completed in less than 1 hour, where as the same repair in a conventional bodyshop will take 1-3 days to complete.

 "We Repair the Dent and Not Hide It like a Conventional Repair"
Ford Fiesta
Honda Accord
Honda Accord
Ford Fiesta
Ford Fiesta
BSA Motor Bike Tank
BSA Motor Bike Tank
Mercedes rear door dent before PDR
Mercedes rear door dent after PDR
Vauxhall corsa Front wing Crease
Vauxhall Corsa front Wing crease
Mazda 2 Complex Door Dent
Mazda 2 Complex Door Dent
VW Up front wing Dent
VW Up wing Dent after PDR
BMW Mini large Dent
BMW Mini Dent repaired with PDR

About Dentless UK, 

 We are a small family run business with over 30 years in the motor vehicle industry with the last 13+ years in PDR. Although what seems a short time within the PDR industry, Dentless UK has worked along side some of the best technicians in the world both in Europe and beyond and was trained by John @ Dentrix, who has over 30 years of PDR experience.

We aim to provide a reliable, professional PDR service to both the Trade and Private customers with a great emphasis on customer satisfaction and quality repairs.

Check out the You Tube video on the Process of Paintless Dent Removal.


Electric Vehicle Accredited

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